The History!


Pertaining to our geographical position where ancient Egypt prevailed for centuries spreading knowledge and reaching higher levels of progression. Cleansing ignorance and darkness were Egyptians had perceived the meaning of life, judgment and resurrection, Taught the world ancient enormous fields of science.

This kingdom rose for millennia and it withered away yet remained buried under seas of sand leaving behind wonders of mysticism and many lessons to be pondered upon. As history repeats itself and in every aspect in life one could be exposed to or experience is a reflection of our lyrical content. Resurrecting the old stories and myths and its mirrored images of today’s events.

Crescent was born in 1999 while witnessing the embers of a dying world yet maintaining the strength of struggle/power to reflect to you the bitter truth (in hope of global awareness and unity of nations) till our message reaches every soul. This is portrayed in an apocalyptic extreme metal art that signifies the world’s status.

Crescent performed in numerous gigs and concerts in their home land – Egypt. Left many places in ruins such as El Sawy Cultural wheel, Alexandrina Bibliotheca, Swiss Club, Azhar Park and many other small venues. Crescent went on the Metal Apocalypse Euro Tour in May 2014 sharing the stage with big international bands covering Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium.

Crescent won the local battle of the bands in Egypt and presented Egypt in WACKEN 2014 battling against 30 other countries and reached the top 10!

Crescent unleashed 3 releases :
Edgar Allan Poe’s Dreamland : Demo 1999
The Retribution : EP 2009
Pyramid Slaves : Full length Album 2014

Crescent is currently in the process of writing new material of their upcoming new album


Ismaeel Attallah                                                                                                            Moanes Salem
All Guitars and Vocal                                                                                                     Bass Guitar





 Amr Mokhtar                                                                                                             Youssef Saleh
 Drums                                                                                                                       Session Guitarist

Amr1BWYoussef BW